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Private and group tennis lessons for kids and adults of all ages and levels in Alberton, Gauteng.

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Legacy Tennis Academy

Our Academy currently has 5 coaches providing lessons to approximately 225 plus students.

Our passion and dedication for the game of Tennis, continuously pushes us to strive for excellence in all we do. It drives us to find ways to grow and develop the talent within the South Eastern part of Johannesburg.

Tennis Lessons & Services

At Legacy Tennis Academy we offer private, semi-private, and group tennis lessons for kids and adults of all ages and levels at the beautiful Alberhart Tennis club in Randhart, Alberton.

We also offer our coaching services at Mondeor Tennis Club, as well as a number of schools within our immediate area.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player our professional and dedicated coaches can take your game to the next level.

Why You Should Choose Legacy Tennis Academy

Impressive Facility & Fun Environment

Certified Professional Tennis Coaches

Customized Training, Maximum Results

School Tennis

Our School Tennis programme is aimed at assisting schools in our area create competitive school tennis teams.  We provide onsite weekly coaching lessons, as well as host try-outs for teams.

We assist schools with entering school leagues within their districts.  We have had huge success with our school teams with teams finishing within the top of their districts.

If you are interested in partnering with our Academy to develop your school teams, please contact our Head Coach, Janet Jooste to discuss further.

Teddy Tennis

Teddy Tennis is a sports, training, education, entertainment and lifestyle program all rolled into one and is targeted at children aged 2½ to 6 years.

What makes Teddy Tennis so speacial is that it is taught using the Visual Auditory Kinesthetic (VAK) learning.style.

Visual Learning
Involves the use of seen or observed things, including pictures, demonstrations and videos.
Every Teddy Tennis lesson uses inspiration pictures of teddy bear characters playing Teddy Tennis…and of course every Teddy Tennis coach demonstrates how things should be done correctly.

Auditory Learning
Involves the transfer of information through listening: to spoken work and of music and sounds. Each Teddy Tennis lesson involves music that was specifically written by Teddy Tennis and provides the correct rhythm and timing for doing each game or excercise, the words of the music tell the children what to do.

We currently conduct Teddy Tennis lessons at the following schools:
• Orionland
• Rakkers
• Klein Geitjies

If you are interested in joining one of our Teddy Tennis Lessons, please contact our Head Coach, Janet Jooste to discuss.

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